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Training the Nervous System Through Fitness

By fully engaging the nervous system we strive to improve the health, wellness, and performance of our clients. Our methods incorporate:

•    Reaction time
•    Decision Making
•    Impulse Control
•    Visual Processing
•    Spatial and Kinesthetic Awareness
•    Executive functioning
•    Memory


General Fitness

For those looking to improve their overall health; We will get you leaner, stronger, and improve endurance; all while improving your coordination and response time. This program is for all ages and fitness levels.

Neural Movement takes training to a whole new level by sprinkling cognitive challenges to simple exercises. I’ve been on the Neural Movement train for a few years and have seen not just my sport abilities increase but also a change in how I work (in my career).    ~ Alex E.

Athlete Training

Six (6) session program geared towards improving an athlete’s ability to respond quickly. We are looking to give the athlete the tools they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. These sessions are customized to the sport. We will implement the same methods utilized with the world class athletes we work with.

"Training with Neural Movement ... resulted in us going from Unified Champion to Undisputed Champion."    

  ~Franchon Crews-Dezurn

Adaptive Fitness

We strive to bring fitness to all population groups. This program is geared towards children and adults with special needs. We address everything from fitness, motor planning, spatial awareness and coordination. All while promoting social interaction through activity.

I am grateful to Neural Movement for my sons exceptional physical improvement and vastly improved mental outlook. Now, I am confident that he will overcome any barrier and keep setting and achieving higher goals!  ~Monica Z.

VIP Training Program

This program is completely tailored to the clients needs. Regardless of location, whether an organization or individual, we will ensure the goals are met in the desired time-frame.

Training my nervous system was like updating my software for football. My ability to process information and react increased tremendously.

~  Trevor Williams (NFL)

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How it works


Step one

Neural Movement Assessment

A Neural Movement specialist will perform an assessment to determine the clients baseline score

Step two

A Neural Movement Specialist will create a Custom  Data-driven Program based on the clients assessment report and baseline score.



Step three

Progress will be tracked throughout the sessions. Clients will have a Neural Movement Report


Franchon Crews-Dezurn (Boxing)

Javon "Wanna" Walton (Actor)

Undisputed World Champion

Euphoria, Umbrella Academy

Training with Neural Movement has prepared me for the most unique situations in boxing. These challenges resulted in us going from "Unified Champion" to "Undisputed Champion".

Its crazy how Neural Movement can push your mind and your body to overcome different challenges... its limitless. 

Josh Sborz (MLB)

2020 World Series Champion

Working with Neural Movement has improved my performance significantly. The training also resulted in improvement of both  "pitch command" and "pitch control".

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